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  • An existing design from my portfolio to be manufactured by the printer of your choice, and sold as finished goods in one category. Up to 500 units, or a 1-2 year contract*

  • The design may also be licensed non-exclusively to other companies at the same time

  • Will remain for sale on my sites such as Spoonflower, where other people may purchase the design printed onto fabric, wallpaper and other products.

  • I retain the copyright.

Note: You do not need a license if you make and sell finished goods with fabric purchased from Spoonflower.

Starting at

$250 USD 

+ GST (6.625%)


  • Usage terms for an exclusive license are negotiated and agreed upon by all parties.

  • Licensee holds the license, they are the only one that can use the artwork for the agreed-upon length of time or agreed upon category.

  • As the designer, I retain the right to use the design during the licensing period for any other purpose not specified in the licensing agreement (for example, if you have exclusively licensed a design in the category of stationary, I may also license the design within a different category such as Wallpaper or Fabric).

Starting at

$500 USD 

+ GST (6.625%)

Buy Out

  • World-wide, Exclusive, in Perpetuity. I may not license the Art to anyone else, ever again, anywhere, indefinitely.

Starting at

$1000 USD

+ GST (6.625%)


  • I offer non-exclusive licenses based on industry. So if I license a non-exclusive design to be used on fabric, I won’t license to another fabric company for that duration, but I could license the artwork to be used on wallpaper, glassware, greeting cards, etc.

  • Custom designs

  • Additional designs such as coordinates or spot illustrations.

  • Extensions to amount of units or time

  • manipulation of existing design such as color changes, size, layout.

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